Due to my fascination with birds, they are the main subject of my paintings.

Ornithology has always interested me - at one time I even started breeding canaries and really enjoyed bringing them up. Watching birds brings new perspective to your life.

Born in Germany, I studied art pedagogy/artistic education at the University of Essen (university degree). Since then I have worked intensively with children of all ages giving them an artistic appreciation of colour, shape and form.

In 2015, I started working in my log cabin studio on the East coast of Fife in Scotland and was overwhelmed by the variety of birds and their behaviour in their natural habitats, both at the seaside and in the Highlands and Islands.

Self-taught, I work as a freelance artist specialising in Scottish birds. The paintings are mostly done in acrylics as these allow for strong expression. Sometimes scenes are seen from an unexpected point of view, even adding a pinch of humour.

My paintings are vibrant and expressive, sometimes semi-abstract. Although the birds are always realistically painted (I take a lot of care with detail), the surroundings can be viewed as impressive, expressive or abstract.

Recently, I have broadened my perspective on birds in other countries. Birds of our Planet is the topic of a new series of colourful contemporary paintings.

Beach combingĀ  has become a hobby as well. My finds, mostly sea pottery and sea glass, have inspired me to create mosaics.

May 2024

Log Cabin