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Scotland is a fascinating country and a wonderful place for studying nature. Walking along the shores of Fife, you can enjoy the beach life and observe many seabirds in their natural habitats, like various kinds of gulls, cormorants, oystercatchers, gannets (around Bass Rock), puffins (on and around the Isle of May) and many more.

The Scottish countryside also offers a wide variety of birds, like eagles, pheasants, various kinds of grouse and many other species. I find observing them is a very special and heart warming experience.

Scottish Birds Expressive Paintings - GP Art sells paintings illustrating these birds'  behaviour and their social interactions. My colourful, sometimes semi-abstract paintings will bring their lives closer to you and into your home.

These vibrant paintings are mainly painted in acrylics. Rich in colours and shapes, sometimes with an added pinch of humour.

Some of the paintings are also available as art greeting cards for various occasions and coasters.

Coming up, Creations of seaglass and spongewear from Kirkcaldy potteries (sea pottery) washed up on the beautiful beaches of Fife in Scotland and now   seacycled  !   August 2021, the first spongewear picture with genuine seaglass and selected spongewear pieces: Spongewear Puffin!

Also, in each gallery you will find special offers!

Have a look and enjoy, like previous customers in Scotland, Australia and Germany. - Worldwide shipping available!

New : First book with the paintings of "Scottish birds by Gabi Paterson" is out, volume 1, 2015 - 2019.

"Inspiring Scotland/ Von Schottland inspiriert", a coastal tour of East Lothian and Fife.

Please, visit me in my studio. You are very welcome to have a look at all the paintings in their frames.

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New: leave nothing but your footprint, collage with sea pottery, unique pieces, example at the bottom of this page, GBP 1

"Summit on avian flu" , a lot of our  Scottish seabirds in one scene... Now we know what they are chatting about!

Coming up: Exhibition " Wings of the Forth"   in  Cafe: Merchant`s Room, Fisheries Museum in Anstruther/Fife, Scotland, from 1st August - 31st August, 2022.

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